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May 10, 2004
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First off what a great site!, I knew there had to be a better DBS and voom forum somewhere.

Anyway I am in Marysville Wa nnd had install 3 weeks ago.
Let me start by telling all I owned and installed thousands of BUD (bid ugly dish) systems as a brick and morter store front owner in the 90's. So
when the installer told me that rainbow was at 61.5, Hell I started laughing!

I asked him how many successful installs he had had and he told me about 3 out of 30.

Well he and I tweaked this little 18 inch pizza dish and got a signal on monsters at about 78-80 aand at best on hdnews at 81-83.
Well wouldnt ya know it the first night a little cloud comes in with very LITTLE rain and I get digital break up and black screen all over the place with the signal dropping to 67-72.

Well what can ya expect from a signal trying to get thru a whole horizon of
clouds full of moisture. You see it is easier to shoot at higher arc cause less garbage after you get thru the clouds. On a horizon you must get thru lots of em.

Well becuase of finding this great site. I used your alls advice and emailed installsinc and wilt.

Immediatly I got an email back that I would be taken care of.


I called in as asked (customer service center is in SPOKANE Wa) and I was told NO PROBLEM we will get a 30 inch dish installed this Saturday for you~~!

WOW! hope this pumps up the signal!

They replaced my stealth right at install with a big chmaster 4328 and it works awesome but could use a rotor. GUess Ill have to buy that myself!

Anyway look forward to chating and thanks for the help group!

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