Getting the DP+44 switch thru dish


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Jan 11, 2004
After talking to a excutive csr for the last month. He finally got 4 dp+44 in and there sending me one free of charge..He said once these 4 r gone it will be atleast a couple of weeks till they get more in..He was surprised that the dishstore got so many thou..So hopefully it will arrive middle of next week..
Well if the CEO's office needs more we got plenty of them.

This is a picture of the DishStore Showroom right after all out product yesterday was delivered.

See all those boxes on the cart, those a DP+44's :D


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U got alot of The only reason i went thru dish is cause u can't beat
well i got mine for free cause i complain
No seriously back in march i had the superdish installed and i also bought a 811 receiver just for watching cbs-hd..So that meant i needed to grab 4 sats well at the time dish didn't release the dp+44 switch so i temporarly hooked my 301 to the superdish and had the 811 hooked directly to the dish 300 that was aimed at the 61.5 bird. So dish knew i needed a 4 sat solution when i got the superdish and 811. I emailed them once aweek since the end of may when the dp+44 should've been released..

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