Good signal and no quality with Sonicview 360 Elite (1 Viewer)

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Dec 16, 2009
Grapevine, Arkansas
I have a Sonicview 360 Elite and it is connected to a Fortec Star motorized dish. There is good signal on the receiver, but no quality on it. It finally picked up some channels from one satellite, but no video from those channels even though they are FTA. I had a Mercury II which came with the dish and motor connected previously and it was getting good quality and signal, but had lost the satellite information and only received CCTV, one Taiwan station and one religious station, but they were great. The motor is working and the flashing lights on it is flashing like they are suppose to. The motor was set to zero, and the dish would turn to the direction of the satellites like it should. The problem is no quality when scanning.
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SatelliteGuys Master
Dec 26, 2006
Did you try putting the Merc2 back on it to see if it was still working? Those Merc2's will eventually overload memory if you don't reset the box once in a while, especially if you scan very often.
If neither works at all and you're sure the dish is still on the arc, I think I would start to check other things, like possible bad cable connectors or lnbf going out.


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Dec 6, 2006
Good points turbosat.

I would also check the lnbf settings on the 360 elite


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May 8, 2010
Northern Indiana
First you claimed your SV360 was only compatible with digital TVs...odd since the SV360 has composite, component and s-video outputs.

You said your TV was only analog and we assumed you had some piece of crap from the 70s that only had a coax or maybe twin lead antenna input. You were advised on how to use a converter or an old VCR in order to get things working.

You then said you found an HDMI button on your ANALOG TV!

Before that you were having a difficult time trying to find that special SV360 pass through cable which was nothing more than a standard coax patch cord and could be found in most households throughout the world.

In an early post you claimed to have so many dishes that your neighbors must think you work for NASA?
All those dishes and you don't know the difference between analog and digital, what kind of TV and STB you own...or even a simple coax cable?

A press of one remote button will bring you to a menu where you can bump the dish east or west to fine tune your quality signal. I'd explain it (even though it's in your manual) but at this point I think I'd be falling for a troll.
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