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Sep 29, 2003
Sheboygan, WI
I was over at Best Buy yesterday. They have been closing out last year's Klipsch tower speakers for a month or two, with the RF-62s selling for $190 insteal of the list of over $400/ea.

Yesterday they had the last two in boxes marked as manager specials for $159. I was talking to the salesman and he knocked off another $10/ea, so for $300 I picked up the pair.

I put them down in the home theater, replacing my trusty KG4s. I really love the sound from the KG4s, but the RF62s are a better match for the center. They are also narrow and taller, making it easier to place in my somewhat narrow room. Brought the tweeters up to ear height as well, meaning I can stop worrying about building a stage or stands.

Not retiring the KG4s though. I am bringing them upstairs into the family room to replace some generic speakers. This also allows me to bring the original center KG3 out of storage. I couldn't make it fit downstairs. The family room has the plasma and is used for casual TV. I also like to put on background music when I am at the computer in there, so this will be a big upgrade for me.

Been awhile since I got a good deal from Best Buy. I was losing faith. :)

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