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I'm thinking of asking our music director to add some new music to our already humungous database, but I would like to hear from you on what you would like to hear. Please remember, we play mostly adult contemporary, with some oldies thrown in for good measure, so do not ask for any rap or metal. (I personally am a Metallica fan, but that's not the way the station rolls) Please note the song title and the artist. I will forward these to the great and powerful Oz-err, music director, for review. Thanks for the help.

A Listener

I listen at the bank and feel there is too much 80s pop which did not chart well being played. I would like to see some more 70's mixed in with songs that make you feel good like Earth Wind and Fire, the Spinners, Elton John, Billy Joel, ELO and while I am not saying play Disco an Abba tune every now and then wouldn't hurt either.

The funny happy songs seem to make the day go by faster. :)

Thanks for listening to my suggestion!


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Oct 13, 2007
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Thanks for the ideas! Glad to hear from you. Since the songs are shuffled regularly and there's over 6 thousand in regular play, you may find "clumps" of songs from a particular era at times! That's the magic of our station. It's never the same day to day or week to week! We don't hold back ANY songs that charted. Even as broad as "charting" in the top 100! We have the oddities nobody else has! Keep listening, and call in a request now and then! Thanks for being on the forum!


Nov 14, 2011
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I was amazed the one day I heard "Big black horse and a cherry tree" (not sure if that is the title, but anyways) and nickleback, staind, and a perfect circle a while ago....... I thought the kids bumped the radio off of WION a couple of times before because I never would have expected the song I was hearing, lol. I think anything that WION puts on the air is awesome (even Phil:D)

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Id like to hear you have your own show Mike. You got the personality and pipes for it. :)

BTW please say hello to Gary for us! He sounds like hes having a great time in Studio O. :D

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Thank you sir. I occasionally have my moments, but Garry is the coolest "old" guy I know! He quick, smart and can out-shoot me any day. He gets talking so fast he sometimes runs things a little too close. My favorite was him doing a quick intro, saying "You got the G.O. I feel like a woman". Now I gotta stay low...


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I've been listening to WION since the two Jims rescued it from the dead several years ago. I'm a 30 year old male from Grand Rapids' east side and love the station, and even more when the signal was augmented to cover GR and Lansing better. I do have a Sirius, but I do have a soft side for I1430.

True, I enjoy hard rock and metal, but if you're in Ionia County, that's WGRD and Q106's job. A community-minded Full-Server should do what I1430 is doing: play a wide variety of hits from the 1950's onward. I think that in a world where radio's overly-run by suits in the big cities, WION is a great escape where decisions are locally made by people who know and care about their audience and not stockholders. It's cookie cutter logic that caused Citadel and Regent to go bankrupt, and it might hit Clear Channel sooner or later (after all, they're $20 BILLION in debt).

It's one reason I love WION: it's a success story seeing them go from days away from getting their license canceled by the FCC to growing from one 5KW station to four different frequencies. In an age when radio's barely profitable and the market's down, it's nothing short of astonishing.

If I were to change WION, I would.... You know... Keep it as it is. Keep up the good work.

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