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Jul 21, 2004
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okay guys, we have been rehabbing this house we are in for two years now, and its now time to redo the deck, garage door, and front porch. we just redid the flower bed, and working on the lawn, sooooooo

1. do you treat the lawn yourself, if you do what do you use? how does it work, have you ever used a company

2. do you use a company? which one? how much do they charge, I have 6000 sq foot front lawn. are you happy with them? and things of that nature

I currenty use scotts and have seen okay results, my lawn has bare spots and thin grass in some areas thats why i was thinking about scotts, the company, for 640 (divided into payments of 64 each month for 10 months) they will treat, put the holes in my lawn (i forget what its called) overseed, and put all bug/worm/mole/grub stuff down they can


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Nov 18, 2003
I have St Augustine. As long as you give it enough water and some fertilizer, it is extremely least here in DFW. I use a 15-5-10 weed and feed fertilizer in March and then again in June. Other than that, St Augustine just wants a bunch of water.

As long as I keep my grass healthy (lots of water and some fertilizer) I usually dont hav eto worry about bugs or weeds. The "weed & feed" fertilizer has pre-emergents in it that prohibit weed growth.

I paid ChemLawn for about a year, and I didnt see any noticable difference in my yard.

Dont aerate (put holes in the lawn) more than once per year. And aerating more than three years in a row is just wasteful. An established lawn will not benefit from more than three aerations.

Now my only problem is a dog. We got a dog last Thanksgiving and he apparently likes pissing in about a 6 square foot area in my back yard.

This was taken about three weeks ago. As you can see, I still have a little bit a brown, but its almost completely filled in now.


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