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Nov 21, 2021
Tucson, AZ
Hello all, I'm new to this whole thing. I just have some questions. My setup:
I spent about 3 hours yesterday getting it put together and aimed at Galaxy 19. In the GTMedia menu, I set:
  • LNB Freq Universal (9750-10600)
I was getting Signal: 93%, but Quality 0%. I kept adjusting the dish, but I could never get it to move from 0%.
Then I decided to go ahead and scan, and after trying several times (including using the blindscan) I got some channels to finally show up. Upon getting channels, my quality would bounce from 69% to 75%. Not sure what was going on with that. I got:

  • CGTN E
  • CGTN Documentary
  • CCTV 4N
  • CGTN F
  • Ericsson
  • Tandberg

Then I noticed I also had some Galaxy 3C stations:
  • CGTN E
  • CGTN Documentary
  • CCTV 4
  • CGTN

So apparently the blindscan also picked up Galaxy 3C (95W). Not sure how this happened, since Galaxy 19 is at 75W. How could I have gotten that, being 20 degrees further west?

I currently have 10 channels, including the dupes from the 2 satellites.

Why do I have such a limited list? Shouldn't I be getting the entire satellite(s) offering? Looking at this: FTAList.com - Galaxy 19 (97.0 W) channels I should be getting about 100.

I am still learning how all this works, and found that the "transponder" needs to be specified. I went through all the channels on the ftalist.com page, and manually added entries for each of the transponders. But after doing that, and doing a scan, it turned up nothing.

Anyone got any advice/tips?

Also curious about the transponders. Does it make sense that I can only get some of them from Galaxy 19? Shouldn't it be "all or nothing" ? They're all on the same satellite, so I'd think they should all be there if I'm hitting the satellite.

Maybe my aim is just slightly off?

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Galaxy 3C at 95W is only 2 degrees away from Galaxy 19 at 97W (not 75w as you have above). You need to move your dish slightly and slowly to the west until it comes in. A handy method is to mark the pole where you are now (at 95W) so if you go too far or too fast and go by 97W, you can restart again at 95W.

Transponders are at various strengths, so some may pop in sooner (and stronger than others), use one to get the satellite to come in, blind scan and check against your list, and then you do minor adjustments to increase the strength of the weaker transponders.

EDIT: 97W has 123 TV (scrambled channels included) and 57 radio channels
Thanks for the info! Yes, my error on that longitude. I'll try what you said and do more blind scans. Does a blind scan do all satellites AND all transponder values configured?
Do a single satellite scan making sure 97W Ku is in the top of the window. Also when you get a strong 97W transponder skew your lnbf for the best signal. That will help block the strong opposite polarity signals from the neighboring satellite
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Thanks for the replies!
cyberham, I definitely was receiving Galaxy 3C (at 95W), and I never manually switch to that satellite. It was when I was doing some sort of blind scan. It took a few hours to get through the scan. I could see it trying different satellites. Not sure what type of scan I did, but it seemed to be able to find anything where I could receive a signal.
Comtech, what do you mean by 'skew the Ibnf'?

Sorry, as I said I'm new at all this and the terminology isn't very clear to me.
It sounds like your fixed dish is pointing at 95W. From what you report, you are receiving all of the normally receivable transponders on 95W. Even if you run a multi-satellite scan where the receiver scans transponder frequencies for different satellites, you will always only receive transponders from 95W until you physically move the dish to point at a different satellite. Your dish can only receive from one satellite at a time until it is moved (unless it happens to be pointing in between two satellites).

The multi-satellite scan is intended to be used with a motorized dish. The receiver will scan one satellite, then command the motor to move the dish to the next satellite. Then the receiver scans that satellite. Then the receiver moves the dish again, etc. Don't use that type of scan for a fixed dish.

If you are trying to scan 97W, you need to follow Keith Brannen's instructions in Post #2 above and move the dish very little to the west. The good thing is you are receiving some transponders! Many people beginning scan and scan and receive nothing which can be totally frustrating. Only focus on the signal quality reading and ignore the signal strength reading.
So, the reason I received both Galaxy C (95W) and Galaxy 19 (97W) is maybe because my dish is pointing in between somewhere, and picking up a little of both? And that explains why I'm only receiving some of each satellite since (as Keith said) various transponders are different strengths. So maybe I'm only picking up the strongest of 95W and 97W?
If so, that makes sense. If I move further west, I'd expect to lose the 95W and pick up more of the 97W.

Thanks again!
I will say that the GtMedia v8uhd has a great tuner in it. Smokes my TBS cards in reception. By no means do you need to connect it to the internet. But it will pull all signals and my reason for one was the music channels on 103W Ku, not encrypted, but super easy editor to enable them all. I don't what much TV, more into the hunting and this box is good. I find a signal and I am happy, just need to know it is there. Mostly spend my time with radio frequencies, find it much better than TV.
I think I got everything aimed properly and am now getting 110 channels from Galaxy 19! The reason I was getting only 10 channels earlier was because I had my receiver set to Galaxy 19 C. Once I changed it to Galacy 19 Ku, I had to move the dish a bit to the west for the signal to come back. Then, after a scan, I got 110. At that time, my Galaxy 19C signal was no longer present. Not sure why 19C appeared a bit to the east of 19 Ku, but that's what I noticed. Also, isn't it a bit odd/surprising I was able to pick up those 19C and 3C signals at all?

Thanks for everyon'e help!
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