Guide Not Displaying Local Channels Further Than 1.5 Hours

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Apr 13, 2004
About a month ago, the channel guide for DirecTV starting acting up. (I have a Hughes GAEBO and GCEBO receivers.)

On the local channels, below 100, the guide will only go out for 1.5 hours. Trying to go past that returns a "Searching for Guide" for about 10 seconds. Then the message "Guide is not available. Please try again later." appears.

Going to any channel over 100, the guide works just fine. I can go out 5 hours or more and get the upcoming programs.
Hard resets, warm reboots, disconnecting the entire unit with the access card removed, etc. does not do any good.

I have called Pegasus and then just give me the same routine that I have tried above. No joy here.

Signals are excellent 90+ on all three sats. No problems with picture or sound. Just the darn guide.

Guide setup has been checked and rechecked and all is OK. No filters or anything else for the local channels.
Any ideas what maybe causing this?
Now It Works

I just tried it again and now it works just fine on both TVs. :)

There had to be a problem somewhere in the DirecTV loop, but nobody would acknowledge it.
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