H20 and Integra 40.1 voice no video issue (1 Viewer)

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Jan 5, 2010
Richmond, VA
I just purchased the new Integra 40.1 pre-amp. I connected it to my Sony BDP 350 Blu ray and it looks and sounds great. However, when I connect my H20 directv receiver I only get audio and no video. If I bypass the Integra receiver and connect the directv receiver into the projector, it shows the video perfectly. I had the Directv tech out and he said it was not a directv issue since it worked when directly connected to the projector. I even tried the Blu ray port on the back of the Integra preamp and still only audio, no video. I can connect via component via the receiver and both video and audio work fine. I am using 1.3b HDMI cables. I think it may be a handshaking issue with either the Integra or Has anyone seen this issue before and know who I should be working with. not sure if it is an Integra issue or Directv issue. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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