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Sep 8, 2003
I have an 811 & 501 which are side-by-side. I changed the 'Remote ID' on the 501 to '2' so it didn't have the dualing remote thing going. I just purchased a Harmony SST-659 remote after reading in here, that they are great.

Well, the problem I'm having is this, unless I change the 'Remote ID' in the 501 back to '1', it won't control my 501. When I do set the 'Remote ID' to '1' and go to watch TV, it turns on both the 811 & 501.

Anyone know how th setup the 659 so it can control both the 811 & 501 without having it controling both receivers at the same time? Is there a way to program th 659 with a different 'remote ID' when it goes to control the 501?


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Sep 26, 2003
You should be able to go in on the website to your home page (under member login). You should have two pieces of equipment, one for your 811 and one for your 501. If you choose the "More options" item, then change characterization, you should get to a place where there is a drop-down list of items. Look for Bell Satellite 1-15. I believe that if you select "Bell Satellite 1", it uses address 1, "Bell Satellite 2" is address 2, and so-on.

You should also drop an email to Harmony's support. They are very helpful, and can really assist you. Another place you can go is to groups.yahoo.com, and go to the "harmonyremotes" group. There may be help there. Lastly, you can check out www.remotecentral.com, and check their forums. They have one specifically for the Harmony remote.

Hope you find some help for your problem.

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