Has any one get 24/7 free to air OTA broadcast in your areas?

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  1. Got a E-mail from News Max telling me to rescan the OTA TV bands just curious though?;)

    Meant to say 27/7 OTA newscast channels.:oops:
  3. Most of their "affiliates" are cable channels. Their list doesn't include any in or around Albuquerque. The closest OTA on their list is still KFPB 50.6 out of Phoenix.
  4. Think I saw where NewsMax is now on Pluto TV..pretty sure. Watched a WW 2 show on it Sunday night.
  5. The last post on the Facebook page was two years ago.
  6. Confirmed that NewsMax is on 29.7 in Lubbock OTA.
    Kind of a weak signal, my antenna has to be pointed right at it from 6 miles away to reduce macroblocking.
  7. 4,000 watts certainly isn't thundering power but it shouldn't be that hard to get.
  8. a couple of LPTVs here in Northern California have it. It's not great for actual news, but there's some interesting news opinion shows. The LPTV I watch it on has a couple other channels prioritized in it's encoder so Newsmax suffers in terms of picture quality.
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