Transmitter trouble for station?

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  1. Live in N GA, WELF shows on tv as 23.1-.5, been off air for 2 days now. They are TBN stations. Can't receive stations from either antenna. Transmitters only about 13 miles away. Maybe Trip might have some info if they have gone off air or license problems. Otherwise, just transmitter problems. No storms or anything last few days. All other ststions are fine. Thanks. Andy
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  4. Is WELF available still on cable or satellite?
  5. Who said they did? The title of the thread is "transmitter trouble".

    - Trip
  6. Does the light green mean that there's a carrier but nothing riding on it?
  7. As the key at the bottom of the graph says, it's a measure of signal strength, but there's nothing decoding. If it were signal, it would be more level, so it's noise.

    - Trip
  8. Thanks, Trip. Also checked on cable. It's not on there either. Just black screen. On my tv it just says no signal lock and gives no resolution. I'm pretty sure I have the app on my Roku, plus all the TBN related channels are in HD on the app. WELF only broadcasts on 480 on all channels.
  9. I don't recall seeing TBN in HD here in Albuquerque's TV market KNAT-DT rf ch. 24 has never broadcast in HD just 5 subchannel just for your information.:)
  10. None of TBN's OTA stations are in HD. Their HD feed is cable-only.
  11. Thats what happens when you're sharing with several other subchannels. My TBN comes bundled with four other subchannels and one of those splits the day between networks.
  12. I was referring to the Roku app channels. I did double check last night. The TBN channels on the Roku app are all in HD..(or SD upconverted.) But yeah, all the OTA stations, 5 here, are all in SD. Even on cable here they are in SD, even the main TBN. Actually, Comcast only carries the main TBN station. They have others like EWTN, 3 ANGELS, etc. Funny thing is to get the other religious channels, you must subscribe to their highest tier (preferred) to get the rest. Weird. TBN is in limited basic, but all others are bundled in the high tier. That's ludicrous IMO
  13. Have you done a rescan? They may have moved from 16.
  14. They can't have moved to post-repack channel 28 because it would conflict with WTCI on 29.

    - Trip
  15. Do we know that WTCI hasn't moved to 35? Whatever the case my suggestion stands, has he done a rescan.
  16. WTCI remains on 29. RabbitEars Mobile

    - Trip
  17. What's going to change as part of the repack that makes channel adjacency possible afterwards but not now? I recall that you assured me that adjacency wouldn't be a problem but now you're calling it a "conflict". Is it because they're part of a transmitter swap?

    I'm keenly interested as some of the more powerful channels in my area will be adjacent -- most notably my ABC and CBS affiliates.
  18. In this specific case, nothing. WELF is moving from 16 to 28 and WTCI from 29 to 35, so there will be no adjacency between the two of them when all is said and done. WELF cannot move from 16 to 28 until WTCI moves from 29 to 35.

    In the case of KOIN and KATU, they're co-located. Co-located stations with similar antenna patterns and power levels can easily be adjacent. There are countless examples of that nationwide.

    - Trip
  19. You left that condition out of your explanation. One might logically wonder why LA's KTTV and KCOP are separated by an LP channel given that they're co-located and have a very similar power and antenna patterns.
  20. In checking the frequency list under my tv menus guide, WTCI is still in 29. Otherwise, it would show new channel and frequency. WELF is back, on 16, and WNGH has not moved to low vhf per the repack move. The earliest these changes any of the channels, including WDSI, and WFLI, WDEF, will not start moving to new channels until 2nd quarter to late quarter in the next 2 years. They are being staggered
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