What does red box with X in it mean on Rabbitears list?

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    What does that X in the red button next to a station's call sign mean?

    I just recently started receiving these channels. Don't know if it is a fluke or if something substantial has changed.

    Also, I don't see this station on the repack list/tool. Looks like it should have to relocate or stop when repack goes into effect. Any info in that regards?
  3. OK. It appears that means the station is off the air but it really isn't since I am getting it now. All 4 channels as listed are there.
  4. Somewhere on the site, it is made clear that the X means that the station isn't currently broadcasting. In many cases, these are stations slated for ATSC 3.0.
  5. 18 18 KTWN-LD has been off air for years now and it does not have the red button with X in it so I was a little confused.
  6. Yeah, I figured that out, hence the reply to myself. When you mouse-over the thing it says "Station is off air." Big Dah! on my part. :coco
  7. LPTV stations were not protected in the auction process and are thus not included in any of the official repack information. LPTVs will have an opportunity to file for new channels in the first half of next year.

    My source in the area indicated it was on the air briefly with the programming indicated, then went off again. Thus, it was marked as off air. I've flipped it back to "on air" now.

    Can you confirm that it's off the air? I hadn't had good information on the station recently; the last thing I heard was that it was on the air with no programming, thus the listing you see. If you can confirm that it's off, I'll update accordingly.

    Yes, I've tried to make it so if you hover over things that are unclear, it provides an explanation, and that's throughout the main listings. I was hoping that would be more self-explanatory than it's turned out to be in practice, based on questions I regularly get.

    - Trip
  8. Yeah, it (RF 18 KTWN-LD) was transmitting nothing for quite a while a couple (?) years back. I have an AD 91XG antenna and KTWN-LD is only about 5 miles from me and I used to get it even when not pointed at it. I pointed at it today and there was no hint of signal on RF 18.
    If you mark it as off I'll be sure and let you know if I ever see any hint of it.

    Thanks for all you do on Rabbitears.info (and otherwise). It's much appreciated.
  9. Done. Thanks.

    Glad to do it, and glad you find it useful. :)

    - Trip
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