Transmitter trouble for station?

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  1. EXACTLY!! WNGH and WTCI are both very strong stations as both serve SE TN, NW GA, parts od extreme NE Alabama, and extreme W NC. WNGH is even able to reach parts of Atlanta from their location in Chatsworth GA
  3. Trip, in the case of the ION station licensed to ROME GA, but serves Atlanta, but yet transmitter closer to Atlanta, yet when I see coverage map of the station, it shows coverage all the way to Chattanooga. Just curious beimg where I live, which according to engineers I have talked to at WFLI, WTVC, where I live is higher up out of TN valley. Basicslly on a hill, flat sll around. Question is what do you think my chances are of picking up the ION affiliate with my 10ft mounted outdoor UHF antenna with my preamp? According to tvfool, it would be damn near impossible to get. It aslo says WDSI is very weak, and most websites don't even think I should get but NBC, ABC,CBS,FOX,WELF, yet I receive all but the low powered stations from Chattanooga and I also receive a low powered station from Summerville, TRION GA, WKSY. Would like ION, but not going to waste my time on extreme measures defined by tvfool...I am considering each case is unique. Funny thing is with my outdoor UHF4 bay, and preamp, WFLI always is 100%, WDSI at its weakest is always 96-99%, and WTCI is at 99%.. Judt curious from the "grasshopper to the". Thanks
  4. 10 feet is barely enough to clear the bushes and shrubbery (not to mention any man-made structures in between). To have a chance at real distances, you're probably going to have to go much higher. If you do the math, the curvature of the earth over 50 miles equates to 399' (all things being at the same elevation) and the higher frequencies don't "bend" as much as the lower frequencies do.
  5. The terrain is such that most people who get WKSY-LD will not be able to get WPXA. When I was in Chattanooga, I lived on Missionary Ridge and was one of the few who could see both, but I couldn't receive any of the Chattanooga stations. Atlanta, no sweat. Chattanooga? Not so much.

    You shouldn't expect any miracles in your area.

    - Trip
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  6. I do good in N GA to get Chattanooga stations with a preamp. As you know, many hills!! I do get NBC, FOX, ABC from Atlanta thru DirectvNow. WDEF from Chattanooga is incredibly strong. I've looked at the FCC's signal coverage area for both the old analog and now digital coverage areas. They show Chattanooga stations reaching Rome GA..yeah, maybe with a 50ft tower and a blinky light on top to keep planes from hitting
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