has anyone switched from cable to dish and been happy they did? (1 Viewer)

Dec 3, 2003
When I moved from South Carolina to Northern IL back in 2001 I had insight cable here in Rockford. I only had it for about 3 months when problem after problem kept occuring. I had Dish when I lived in SC, but went with cable for a short time till my wife saw what kind of rip off Insight was. She could not believe how bad the picture was on the analog channels and anything above channel 100 well you could forget watching it because half of the time the digital channels never worked. I was so happy when my landlord said I could put a dish up and since then I have not looked back a cable. I have been around satellite TV since the early eighties and could have shot myself for ever thinking about giving cable a try. CC

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Apr 8, 2004
Columbia S.C.
I live in Cola. S.C. and have both TW and DishNetwork. There are pros and cons on both sides. However if I had to choose it would be DishNetwork. Dish has more options and costs less. I can't compare pq because there in different houses with different tv's. One thing I wish Dish would do, but probably never will is have local weather radar. Satellite has become like a hobby to me and I don't think cable can do that.

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