Have a 942, picture flickers now....


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Nov 22, 2004
Suwanee, GA
This just happened yesterday. I have a 942, Pioneer Receiver, Xbox 360 and 52" TV with a Monster Power strip.

Wife turned on the TV and 942, everything is fine. Then the Pioneer receiver shuts down, says AMP ERROR and MCACC flashes (indicating serious problem).

I get home, turn on the 942, and the picture now flickers about every 3 seconds (every channel). Soft and hard reboots do not fix it. I also notice my Xbox settings have reverted to regular TV (instead of HDTV). I had reset the Pioneer receiver, and then it shuts down again.

I reset the circuit breaker, problems still there. Then tried the other plug in the same outlet, same.

So then I plug the Monster strip into a different outlet and the problems go away. No flickering of the 942 and the Pioneer is not shutting down.

I assume the problem is with the outlet, but what could have caused it? We haven't had rain or storms in about 2 weeks (Atlanta area). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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