Having off and on problems with locals


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Sep 15, 2003
I am having strange problems with my Columbus locals. There are times when they come in and times they don't.

I have 3 receivers a 2700,4900 and 6000. Friday night and Saturday I could not get them on the 2700 and 4900 receiver but I could get them on the 6000. If I went to signal strength on both the 2700 and 4900 I would get 0 for transponder 9(Columbus local are on this transp) on sat. 105, but yet other transponders on 105 I was getting anywhere from 47 to 65% signal strength. On the 6000 is showed a signal strength of 47. Two weeks ago when I had this problem I could get the locals on the 4900 but not the 2700.

Sunday the channels reappeared and are working fine. I called Dish about this a couple of weeks ago and they sent a tech out and he could not find anything and left. I called Dish over this past weekend and he would send a tech out to replace the LNB.

Any other suggestions as to why some receivers will pick up the signal and other won't??? And or why the receiver show fairly high readings on other 105 transponders but 0 on 9???

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