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Jan 6, 2004
I'm getting ready to go satellite. I'm wondering if I need two satellite dish antennas to get both the core (110?) and NBA League Pass (119?) signals? How does that work exactly? Also I heard that I'm going to need 26 inch dishes to receive stuff out here. Anybody know about this? By the way, the local installers could'nt install their own shoelaces without a full medical team on standby.
Dish's core programming is at 119, it's PPV(Sports packages) and AT150 programming is at 110. Yes, if you want to receive all of Dish's programming you will need 2 dishes. For the Big Island, a 24" for 119 and a 30" for 110 would yield the best results. Unfortunately, all new subscribers require professional installation, so the best I can recommend is to find another Dish subscriber in the Hilo area and find out who did that install.

Hope this helps, and good luck.

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