HBO-HD: Deadwood Season Finale 10PM EST

I hope this week's episode is a lot better than last week's. Desciption from

With the feds pulling a new trump card, Adriana ponders her options. Tony B. unloads some heavy baggage on Tony, and vice-versa; Johnny Sack makes Tony an offer he can refuse; and Tony offers Carmela a deal to make her real-estate dreams come true.
I'm no prude, but...

I'd enjoy Deadwood more if they didn't drop the F* bomb every 2 lines of dialogue. My 18 year-old son counted 81 in the episode week before last.

I know people who really talk that way. It's really annoying. I'd rather have TNT-HD for the blind (but that's another thread).

But I keep watching...I must not mind too much.
I thought episode was good. June 6th for last episode. I am afraid everything will be put together too fast for an hour episode.
Drea De Mateo sure is gonna have more time to work on "Joey" now. War on both shows is nice.
I knew CHris's wife would get wacked, nice touch with seeing her driving down the road alone first though sorta like "this is what I should have done." lol. I still think big trouble is brewing with Chris hes gonna crack and kill or be killed.
I switched to HBO from 60 Minutes right after Andy Rooney got done, and caught the tail end of an interview between Bob Costas and Edie Falco. He asked her what was in store during the final show, and she said "something about an elephant, but that's all I'll say".

Maybe Vurbano is right.....Christopher crushed by an elephant? Or maybe Tony Sirugusa will reappear with a trunk and gray, wrinkled skin.
There was an article in the paper this morning, stating that Drea De Matteo has a contract (no pun intended) for next season. It also said that the press release for the show tomorrow night said that Christopher gets a surprise visit. Rivalry between Tony and Johnny Sack is also supposed to heat up.

Sopranos is on at the same time as game #1 of the NBA finals.
Good episode tonight. Question: How can a man drink two bottles of whiskey in one day and still be able to, um . . . stand up? Highly dubious.

Kind of disappointing season. Soap opera moniker is appropriate. Too many cliffhangers. The show now lacks a hated character like Ritchie Aprile, or the Joey Pants character. We need someone to hate!



Regarding the language... I like it. What would you expect a bunch of degenerate thieving killers, pimps, and gamblers to have for a vocabulary?

Conversely, the manners and dialogue when a woman is present or "civilized" men are having a conversation is quite a contrast to C**K S**K*R and the f-bomb in every utterance.

Honestly I think the dialogue is pretty much what I would expect from a late 19th century Mining town. If not historically accurate, it is certainly entertaining.
Very good season finale. This show is clearly HBOs best current show, IMO. I've been hoping to see the widow's . . . , but I think it was a body double, alas.

Dammit Voom! Wake Up!! We Need Good Movies!!!

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