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Jan 10, 2012
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I have the HD programming with the HD dish pointing to the east. Can i use a 211 receiver with a dish 500 antenna with my camper.
I tried using an older 311 receiver with a 500, it got the signal but when i tried to activate it, Dish Network told me that receiver would not work with the program package I have. :confused:
The Dish 500 is for use with SD equipment. It is not meant for HD receiver since it does not pick up the 129 satellite. You may be able to get a few HD channels off the 500 but not much. The 500 should work just fine with the 311 receiver.
It sounds like you are a part-timer. You should be getting the Pay-As-You-Go plan that can be turned on and off as you need it.

Get a 1000.2 dish so get all the satellite. You will need a better tripod as the 1000.2 is a little heavier. The TV4RV.com HD tripod works really well as it has adjustable length legs which lets you get the mast vertical on uneven ground.
garys said:
Sounds like the OP has an mpeg4 tag. Only HD receivers allowed activation on the account.

It does sound like he has eastern arc at home, that's why he can't add the sd receiver, it's not mpeg 4. I have a 500 dish at my camper and use a 211 all the the time. Granted if you want all your HD, you'll need a k.4 or k.2. The 500 though will work fine, just be sure to do a check switch whenever you move your receiver unless you have the same dish at both locations.

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