HD Channel Problems West or East?

Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
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I closed the other thread where some were seeing pixelation, video dropouts, and a lot of problems in the premium HD channels like HBO and so on. For the benefit of everyone, I have closed the other thread and created this one to track the problem more effectively and communicate to Wilt.

Here's what is needed. If you are seeing problems in any HD channel, let us know:

1 - Channel in question (East or West Feed or both)
2 - Your location (West or East Coast)
3 - You have been installed for quite sometime and did not see the problem before.

4 - Your signal level (quality and strength)
5 - Resolution your stb is set
6 - Whether the problem persists after you reboot the stb
7 - Describe as much as possible the problem you are seeing
8 - Hours since last Reboot

I hope this will help VOOM to track the problem.
wasch_24 said:
Sean, feel free to delete this after you read it.

We also might want to mention Hrs since last reboot. It is available in the options and settings menu.

Good suggestion. I'll add it.
Well today the PQ looks great and I have seen no problems at all. They must have done something last night. And it's even raining here in DFW right now. Maybe it's just because my bill is due today. <g>


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