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Jan 28, 2004
I have a 6000 receiver without an 8psk adaptor. Im getting the message that Showtime HD is moving to channel 9460 and to call Dish if any questions --- ive called 4 different times and get different responses but the bottom line is they say i dont need to get an 8psk that i should just get 9460 -- tonight i called again and they had me check if i could get a signal from the 110 sat --- i have the dish 500 so i can get a signal at 110 but no signal at transponder 19 which is where the Showtime (and HBO) signals are at --- They are saying that i can pay them or my own installer to re aim (tweak) the dish so that i can get transponder 19 --- does this sound right ?? I was under the impression that i had to get the 8psk to get any hd off of 110
You are correct. You must have(get) the 8psk to receive the HD from 110. You can keep trying to call Dish till you get a CSR that knows what you need. (You may be able to get it free with a commitment.) Or you could just buy one from the DishStore.

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