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Looks like an all HD day today on 101 (at least until 8pm) a new show I haven't seen is on Project MyWorld 2 episodes followed by the Foo Fighters concert and later on a CD USA in HD... then the Goo Goo Dolls

foo fighters concert from england was nice! i only wish we had sci fi hd to watch bsg in hd.
Heh, Tommy Lee and Luka's from Rockstar Supernova are on CD USA... (talking) Supernova might possibly be on a New Years Eve CD USA special... (will have to watch this again in a few hour's) Jason Newstead is hurt so they are looking for a Bass player for their tour...
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Look Out Times Square, Las Vegas Counts Down New Year's Eve With the Nation When DIRE

Look Out Times Square, Las Vegas Counts Down New Year's Eve With the Nation When DIRECTV's CD USA Broadcasts America's Party Live From Fremont Street

Five for Fighting, All-American Rejects, Rockstar:SuperNova, Smash Mouth, OK Go, Chicago and More to Perform Live

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I thought that lawsuit that they lost and/or settled requires them to only be known as/called Rock Star: Supernova (like their show) as there was already (and still is) another band called just Supernova?
What ass producer or lawyer forgot to do the proper research before they "adopted" that name already in use? I mean I like the name, but knew of the punk band Supernova beforehand, and THOUGHT; was shocked, when my buddy said "Supernova will be on TV this season" I said WOW, punk finall on mainstreamon TV, interesting. Only to learn of the super-group we now know. How do you think they will fair? A CD or 2 and 1 tour? Cash in and break up? Other than Gilby, I do like all the others. I wish it would have been Dave as the guitarist instead of Gilby.
I never saw any of the Supernova performances on TV, but I was pleasantly surprised by the house band.

What is Jason Newsted's issue? All I knew was that Johnny Colt from the Black Crowes was replacing him; and I was like "here it goes already! can't keep the superstars together"

I like Newsted since Metallica, so I was confused by the move; unless he was never really slated to stay past the TV show. People for TV know him, but don't really know Colt.

I have seen ball players with major arm injuries play through it; so Newsted's 9 month departure just seems odd to me.
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"Newsted injured both shoulders while trying to catch a 90-pound bass head that had fallen from atop his amp cabinet, and the combination of surgery and recovery could leave him sidelined for up to nine months"

OK - mental apology. Why Jason? Let it fall!

EDIT: you beat me to it.
Getting some audio drop outs on the John Mayer concert...I guess I will dvr CD USA with the Pussycat dolls when it comes on at 4pm Est...

Oh man I hope it comes back on later. I don't get off until 5:30pm est.
I should clerify I meant the Pussycat dolls.
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