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Sep 12, 2006
Hey guys,

I was wondering if the ESPN broadcast of 10-30-2006 MNF game could be simulcasted/broadcasted in HD... Maybe a silly question but I think WCVB is HD capable and MNF games are put on the ABC affiliate in home markets will the broadcasts be all HD to each market too? When a show that is HD from say ABC, CBS, etc but your home market is not HD affiliated, what happens? Just no HD availability...:confused:
you watch it on espn-hd that's what happens.

but yes the hd feed is available to home markets of mnf games if the station has the equipment capable to show it
I thought so...

Thanks for the answer! I thought so but some of this HD stuff is confusing to me. I am not capable of HD now anyway. I am going to upgrade b4 Christmas but I have noticed that some people, not at this site, think that once you get an HD ready TV you are good to go. I know you need a tuner, Blu-ray, OTA antenna, PVR with HDMI, etc... Gotta get the whole enchilada@!@!
Speaking of HD portability, when are they going to start making hand-held sets with digital tuners as well as portable sets with digital tuners to go in vehicles? I've got an analog handheld set with a 2.3 inch color LCD screen that was purchased in 1999 from Best Buy. It has an audio/video jack, but it doesn't have an RF input. It just uses a built in monopole antenna. I keep it in my car in case of bad weather, since my state is prone to spawning a tornado every once in a while.
I've also heard a rumor that the Digital television signal wasn't designed somehow for road movement, like traveling down a road while receiving a signal. With the analog set, I can do that and get wavy lines in the picture while the vehicle is in motion. Would digital just go totally black while the vehicle is in motion?
At the frequencies TV operates, small motions of the antenna are irrelevant, unless they move in and out of null points.

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