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Jan 3, 2010
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I have a Direct TV HD receiver that has suddenly begun to lose the HD channels. I have to reset it a number of times before it will work.

I have a multiswitch that feeds the receiver through an RG-6 coax. There is one of those B filters for the HD signal, and I have it mounted right next to the multiswitch. The output of that filter goes into a diplexer that combines the signal from the cable. At the receiver, there is another diplexer that splits the signals.

My question is this:

Should that B filter be at the receiver end of the coax, after the second diplexer?


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Jul 31, 2009
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I assume you are using the diplexer for OTA? I am also assuming this setup used to work fine?

You could have a bad b-band converter, your multiswitch could be failing, Your diplexers could be causing you problems. Some things to try:

Remove the diplexers and move the b-band converter so it attaches directly to the HD receiver. If you still have the problem, it's probably the b-band converter. If that fixes the problem, it's the diplexing. Borrow a b-band converter from a friend if you don't have one on another box. See if that fixes the problem.

By the way. Diplexing like you are doing is not an approved installation method even though it works most of the time. You are better off running a seperate line for your OTA.
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