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Nov 20, 2003
I cant believe that subscribers to E* everything pak and D* total choice package don't get the HD channels thrown in. HD enthusiasts are getting the shaft in a big way. I say we revolt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been listening to too much anarchy themed punk rock on the new fungus channel on XM. :shocked
There is a number of channels you cannot get with the everything packages. I also think HD should be somehow included in those packages. Eventually there will be more digital/HD channels than SD channels. Right now HD is considered to be a premium.
On both services the number of HDTV receivers is still quite small it is fairer to charge those that have the HD receivers than to charge all customers wether they can receive HD or not. When HDTV receivers become dominant then it will be fair to make the pricing part of basic programming.
When more HD content becomes available, and perhaps when HD becomes more of the norm for a lot of people in what they will view, in this time of transition, then perhaps the price of HD will drop and that many of those that are SD will be HD instead, that it will just be another version of the channel just as you see the spanish version for some of the channels.

Hopefully Dish will not use this as an excuse to ultimately charge higher prices across the board because of the increase in bandwidth that these channels take up, that the prices each month would get a bit higher for those choosing HD instead of SD, as HD would become more of the norm.

When HD is not considered a premium as it does now and more content is available then perhaps we will see HD channels included. Dish cannot charge extra for HD channels forever if everything eventually is going to be HD.
Well, I feel I am getting shafted. I sub to just the HD pack and I can't get HBOHD or SHOWHD without buying the entire package.

At least Dish doesn't require you to sub to a SD package like D*.
No but if you aren't subscribing to one of DISH'S basic packages they charge you an additional $5 for maintaining your account. I would be awful bored with only the four HD channels to watch.

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