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Dec 4, 2003
Well Guys... I went ahead and moved into the light. I switched from Dish to Direct two days ago and had a HD TIVO and SD TIVO installed. Spent the better part of the last couple of nights getting a feel for the boxes, and setting up recording options. So far, I am very happy, especially with HD TIVO. Although it is slow, it's great being able to record HD and OTA. It even helped steady up my OTA reception, which was one of my hopes.

I do have one question though, at least for now. I have been setting up my univeral remote (HTM MX-700), and I ran across some codes I do not understand. The person I got them from calls the Standby 0 - 9? What do these codes do? They do not appear to be macros, but rather learned codes. And I don't think they are Directtv 0-9 buttons refernced in the TIVO Tips document.
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