Hdhomerun premium

The big but and if for is, are the OTT premiums in 1080 and 5.1? That is always the show-stopper for me keeping me in my 21-year marriage with DirecTV. Although not on SD's new box, HBO on DTV Sat is 1080/5.1 while HBO Now and Go are Stereo. Plus, HBO, Sho, the OTT's, and locals are all integrated on the same interface including DVR and Guide. Plus, you watch your box through mobile apps. As posted elsewhat here, DirecTV is testing an integrated USB OTA tuner. Their dead or dying, AM21 OTA tuners have come back to life for some too. I am in Wilmington NC and mine was sitting on a shelf as it couldn't find anything. Dusted it off yesterday and it found my big 4, PBS, and several *-*'s.

I think ATT is the Godzilla in the room here. With Sat, Fiber, Wire, and soon 5g carriers and their DirecTV Sat and Now platforms they are formidable in both good and bad ways. I like the good and fear the bad. I believe we will really see Sat and Now merged soon. Good news for Now as they might get 5.1 as Sat has.
Yeah, I'd heard about the Plex app, but I didn't want to go through the process of having to set up a server just to watch/record live TV. I looked through their FAQ section, and apparently someone has developed a program called HDHDRFLING that should do the trick. A guy even streamed his Live TV from it via airplane Wi-Fi. It was very low quality with lots of macroblocking, but that's still quite a feat.

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