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Dec 5, 2006
My TV only has three HDMI inputs and I'm thinking about switching my VIP 722k to Component cables.

Is there a big difference in quality? I know that component doesn't carry audio (i.e. I'll use toslink or RCA cables since I only have two-channel stereo), but are there any other big differences?

Has anybody compared the two on this receiver?


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Sep 20, 2005
The majority here will tell you there is NO PQ difference. I have two 42" plasmas...one compoment, one HDMI from same receiver. PQ is same. Personally, I think color saturation is a tad better with component, but that just might be the difference between the sets (one a couple of years older than the other).

What all do you have hooked up to the HDMIs?


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Oct 27, 2008
Atlanta, GA

I have used my 722 on both component and HDMI. I used it via component to my 42" LCD for a few years, as I had my audio receiver and sat box in another room using an RF remote. At the time of installation, it was much cheaper to make a long run of component cables than to get a 50' HDMI cable. I've since moved that same receiver to my basement when it was finished to a 50' plasma, running through an audio/video receiver again.

I can say that I do see a difference. It's not a huge drastic difference, but the picture does show more crisp and slight better detail.

HDMI is a true digital source-to-tv (so to speak) connection. Component is using an analog signal to a digital source. Depending on your TV, you may see a large difference or a small difference. Either way, you'll see a slightly better picture.

Hope this helps!

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