HDTV and now want to try HD via PC

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Jul 19, 2004
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I finally got my hands on a 32" LCD HD Flat Panel TV and it has inputs for, of course, composite, svideo and it also has VGA input and DVI input. I just ordered a 258mg video card that has DVI output on it.

Now to complete the picture, I have both Nexus S and Vision Plus 1020 cards. I know the hardware mode will not work with HD, but I am curious how to set up my PC for HD. I use ProgDVB for general viewing. Which codecs do I use? I have been using my Nexus -S for over a year and am pleased with the simplicity of not fooling around with graphs, etc. And this is going to be my first attempt at HD. BTW, my PC is a 2.1ghz AMD.

I have read about a ITC HD test channel on Nimiq 2. Another question, should I use Nexus in softmode or Vision Plus? Of course, I have been drooling over the talk of HD in CBand but I am stuck with a HOA that will not permit a dish over 1 meter in size. Thanks for your help!



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Jun 23, 2005
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Try the PBS HD channel on AMC3 (87) 1920 x 1080.

Either card will work, cyberlink and nvidia codec are the best two for me.


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Jun 8, 2005
DVBDream is another good one that I started playing with. It has built in graphs that you select the codecs you want. I didn't find the motor control setup yet, so I might be going back to Ritz. I found Ritz to be the best on CPU utilization but you do have to play with graphs.

Or there is always TSReader and VLC, no graphs to play with. Graphs aren't hard once you figure out how to make it...it's all part of the fun of FTA'ing and HTPC'ing!
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