HDTV broke, need to reset 211


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Jan 6, 2010
BooHoo for me, my only HDTV just died. I hooked my 211 receiver back up to a standard TV, but the 211 is still set for HD 16x9. Since I can't see the picture correctly, I can't change the settings. Factory reset doesn't change the settings.

I know if I press MENU then 6 that gets me into system setup. What are the next key presses to change the 211 back to a standard TV?

(The manual is no help and neither is DISH web site)

Thanks for any help!


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You can connect the 211 to the TV via the composite (Yellow) video output using 1 of the component cables and change the settings. The original 811s shipped at 720 p and that is how I sorted it out.

On my 622, the keystrokes are Menu, 6, 8, <, <, ^, >, >, Select. The number of ^ varies depending on whether the box is at 720 or 1080. For starters, you'd want to set the box's resolution to 480i. The TV will show a picture at 16x9 or 4x3, but the resolution is the problem.


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