Hearst Television Inc. blacks out DISH customers in 26 markets

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  1. I called in and tried to get the air tv player with the OTA adapter with no luck!
  3. Since DISH isn't re-broadcasting Hearst signals, they're not paying Hearst either. How about passing along the savings to those of us that have lost one of the few channels we watched?
  4. Under the same logic, when they add the channels back, are you ok with paying more permanently? Or everytime they add a channel, paying more on the spot?
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  5. We do already, $5-10 monthly increase every year.
    And how do you know if they actually pay more?

    All we can do is speculate.
    Dish loves these disputes.
    Its a way to save money by not paying ,but still collecting, and its a permanent excuse when our next double dip increase comes.

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  6. The savings are probably around $1/month.
  7. Yes. Make it so.
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  8. I think it's an interesting idea, but OTA installs can be complicated.. there are more factors involved than just pointing a dish... distance from towers, preamp or no preamp, different meters, height requirements, etc. An antenna built into the dish would work for someone within 25 miles of broadcast towers, but probably not beyond...
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  9. years ago when i was still with dish, they had a dishpute with my local station.

    they installed an exterior antenna on my eve. hooked it up and ran it to my 622 to use the internal ota
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  10. They did this for me too, when WDAF was pulled during the Tribune dispute. The installer had no idea which direction to point it, he had no meters to peak the antenna, and seemed irritated that he had to do it at all. I ended up moving the antenna higher up on the roof, peaked it with my own meter, and installed a preamp
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  11. If Dish removed the locals from the satellite, it would be kind of hard to do that. In theory, they would no longer be subject to "no distant if local" so they could bring distant networks back for those too far to get OTA. However, there is a provision, in the waiver of the distant network injunction, that strips Dish of their distant network copyright license if they do not offer locals in every market. So, this kind of solution would once again require a third-party company like All American Direct to offer distant networks if Dish actually did go so far as to remove the satellite-delivered local channels from any market. Having said that, I support this idea 100 percent.
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  12. Call Dish and complain. I did and they offered me $5 off last month's bill for my troubles. I plan on calling again this month if the situation with Hearst isn't resolved to see if they will credit me again.
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  13. thanks for the laugh
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  14. Really, it is worth 5 dollars to you to have a conversation with a Dish CSR. I would pay 5 dollars avoid a conversation with a dish CSR. Besides which it is not going to do anything other than make the CSRs day a bit worse.
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  15. Do a Chat, it's less painful for both parties ;)
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  16. LMAO if that isn't the truth....
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  17. Yeah, I said "call" but I actually did a chat. Took me about 3 minutes and no pain ...
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  18. Your channels will be back April 1st.

    Dish just needs a month and he'll have the money...

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  19. I'd sooner deal with a dish csr over a CenturyLink csr anyday of the week.
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  20. Honestly, I've had better luck lately with CSR's from the offshore call centers from every company than those in the US. There may be a bit of a language barrier, but I'm tellin' ya those people honestly care to help you, unlike some of the lazy entitled American CSR's. For example, I've been on Verizon postpaid for a month or so now, and I don't know where they find their CSR's, but they are some of the RUDEST, most God awful human beings I've ever encountered. Sorry for the slightly off topic rant. ;)
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  21. The only reason I haven't cut the cord is my wife. IF I do find something I'd like to watch it's so full of commercials I give up. It's especially annoying when it's the same commercial over and over ad nasuem. I know, DISH is only a pass through and has nothing to do with programming, only moving channels to a tier I don't have, deleting channels, raising prices, having disputes....
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