'Heist' Can't Get Arrested (1 Viewer)

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Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
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'Heist' Can't Get Arrested

Ratings-challenged show may be done after this week

April 10 2006

Dougray Scott on 'Heist'

LOS ANGELES -- NBC probably isn't going to let "Heist" complete its run this spring. But like a thief trying to make a stealthy getaway, the network isn't saying when the show is leaving the airwaves.

The network confirmed reports Monday that the series, about a group of thieves planning to pull off a simultaneous robbery of several Beverly Hills jewelers, is probably not long for this world. Its ratings have fallen each week since its March 22 premiere, and it struggled mightily last week in a new timeslot opposite "Lost" and "American Idol."

NBC isn't, however, saying when the show will exit. As of late Monday afternoon, this week's episode was still in place for 9 p.m. ET Wednesday. Beyond that, though, no one is saying whether "Heist" will continue. In a message-board posting at TVSquad.com, Mark Cullen says NBC has cut the show's order from 13 to six episodes.
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Apr 7, 2004
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Send the show to the showers...otherwise known as Universal HD! Hell, I wish ABC would send Night Stalker over to Universal HD...I would love to see the remaining un-aired episodes.

Universal-HD: The New Purgatory!:devil:


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Mar 26, 2004
Good riddance! Tried to watch the first episode, but couldn't finish it. There are a couple of other new clunkers that should be dumped also --Evidence & Conviction. Is Martin Landau trying to be another Ducky from NCIS? He is really terrible on this show(Evidence).
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Jan 28, 2006
I actually like this show. I liked 'over there', too. Why can't they cancel my wife's shows? How many CSIs do you need anyway?


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Sep 7, 2003
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
I am tollerating Heist now. I just hope to be able to see it to the pay-off. The writing is weak. The stunts and plot-lines have been juvenile, but fun.

See ya
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