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Dec 29, 2003
I just purchased a Pioneer Elite HDTV and need some info on which HD receiver I should go with. I'm a long time Directv subscriber and hope to stay with them for HD. Are all the units the same as far as quality and picture and it's just a case of how many bells and whistles I want? Which one should I get???

Thanks in advance!
LG is making the new Hughes and Sony receivers Samsung is making their own and RCA dosen't have anything currently. I have been happy with my Samsung TS-160.
I have an RCA and Sony receiver now. I have no problem with the quality or interface of either. I'm just trying to find out what features I need and what I shouldn't bother with. I'm happy to get the $399 Directv deal if that's going to be fine, but I'd also have no problem spending extra on features I want now, or will want to use in the feature.
Please reply by conversation.

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