HELP!! Problem with a microyal SW 44 switch


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Sep 8, 2003
I bought a SW 44 Microyal switch and installed it. But I'm having problems with it. The problem is that I only can get an output to work correctly. Before installing the switch I had cables running from the receivers to a regular switch and they worked perfectly. Now, when I install the switch only one receiver works. The other receiver sees nothing although it works perfectly with the older switch. It doesn't receive any signals. The receiver that work with the switch is a 501 and it recognizes the switch and works perfectly. But on my other receiver, a 301, I don't receive a signal from either 119 or 110 and therefore I cannot use that receiver.

Is there something wrong with my switch?

They may not have Super DISH software yet! Without it, your receiver's will not be able to control the switch!
It has nothing to do with the SuperDish.

More details to clarify the problem:

What I mean by regular switch is the one that runs from ONE satellite (119) to multiple receivers(3).

The 301 cannot detect the switch nor it reports any signals present from the satellites. The cable that connects the reciever to the switch runs for 75 feet.

I brought the 301 to my living room where I have a 501 working with the receiver and it worked perfectly. In the living room, the cable runs for about 25 feet.
Here are a couple of things to check: Make sure that the power inserter is correctly installed. The coax cable from the inserter to the SW44 MUST be connected to port one of the SW44. You must have all the inputs (from the two LNBs) connected to the SW44.
Re: DP44

badl_lnbf said:
They may not have Super DISH software yet! Without it, your receiver's will not be able to control the switch!

Just an FYI. He said SW44. All SW switches are LEGACY switches so the SuperDish remark is not relevant. The SuperDish won't even work with the SW switches. If you meant the DP44 switch they work fine without the SuperDish software.

You must be one of installers that work in my area. They don't know anything about switches either. :(

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