Help with 921, 721, 508 and hooking it all up right!


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Sep 7, 2003
Cape Coral, Florida
Well, picked up my 921 yesterday, and going to set it up tomorrow. I am swapping out my legacy quad with a DP quad, as well as my legacy dual on 61.5 with a DP dual. I will use a DP34 switch for my 921 and 721, and was going straight from the quad for my 508, since I don't need the wing sat for that reciever.

My questions:

1. From the quad to the 34, can I use any of the outputs? I remember when I hooked up my 721, I had to use certain outputs from the legacy quad.

2. From the 34 switch to the 921, do I have to use rec. 1 and 2 on the switch or does it matter.

I'm sure these have been asked or discussed before, but I appreciate the help.
Well, everything went fine, except somehow I have a bad cable run. Really pisses me off, since it worked fine when my 6000 was on it a couple of months ago. I am using my Expressvu run for now, to at least get the 921 up and running.

Going to finish up tonight hopefully. Didn't get started until late yesterday because of work.

What I did forget to ask, I am diplexing my OTA feed. Does the diplexer have to be between the LNB and DP34 switch, or between switch and reciever.


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