SatelliteGuys First Look! Dish 322 Spec Sheet!

1 IR Remote and 1 UHF remote. It would be nice to have 2 Uhf remotes so you could install in a basement or a utility closet.

I agree jssat. If you get the UHF upgrade kit it will only be able to go 100 ft. whereas the tuner that has UHF capability will be able to go 200 ft. I think they should have a UHF upgrade kit that goes 200 ft.
Not building with 2 UHF remotes was really dumb. Dealers would of loved it to be used like a server in the basement, saving tons of install time...
Bob I have to agree with you on that one. I can see a time in the near future where all satellite equipment will be in one centralized location in a house such as a closet or basement. There is really no need for a settop on the TV, the only reason I can see for having a settop on the TV is for Digitial Audio outputs, but I am sure someone is working on something for that for the future.
Most people out there only use channel 3 or 4.

RCA jacks are just to high tech for most folks. LOL Think about how many folks cant even hook up their DVD players (That with the instructions in hand)

I think when the receivers become smaller this will be more common because there will be more places to place them.
Bob Haller said:
Not building with 2 UHF remotes was really dumb. Dealers would of loved it to be used like a server in the basement, saving tons of install time...

now I could be totally mistaken (this actually happened once about 4 years ago) but wasn't there at one time mention of an X44 model which was intended to basicall serve that function?
Like 344 (non-DVR) or 544 (DVR) that would distribute to 4 TV's throughout the home.

Please let me know if this rings any bells
When does anyone think this will be available? Will this also do away with the extra receiver fee for two units? Thanks
I wonder why they wouldn't make the DishPro Plus Diplexer (diplexes one wire coming from the dish into two wires for two tuners) into the dual tuner receivers? Maybe because it will run the price up on these receivers and some would just run two wires from the dish to the receiver.
Did anyone notice that the 522 has agile modulated STEREO output while the the 322 only has an modulated MONO output.
This kinda sucks because most tvs are stereo nowadays. I was hoping to use the 322 on the second floor but now I may have to re-evalulate my plans now.
Most TVs also have Svideo/Composite/Stereo RCA inputs. So you can use them for the local TV, and the RF stereo for the far end TV.
322 availability

Well according to a local supplier, they will be out Monday Nov 17. They were supposed to be released today.

DirecTV customer switching to Dish on Monday!

Mark in Ark
Dishnetwork 322 and 522

I'm an installer (4 years) and these units that Dishnetwork came out with, are a headache for the installer and customer. These units should have been field tested before they went out to the public. There are too many software problems with them and they take forever to download. The worst problem is the wiring!!! Its almost triplle the work. I have installed 3 522 and 4 322 and I have had my share of these. I will not install or recommend these units to any one unless you are asking for trouble.
Then maybe it is a good thing most of the consumers are not having these available to them yet. If it is really that much work its a shame considering Dish wants to pay less to have this installed to two tv's vs. installed the two receivers as what was done in the past. Some retailers may expect additional install money's to install these receivers although the consumer would save $5 a month in additional outlet fees per 322/522 installed.

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