Help with Dish 1000 upgrade and a 811 Receiver


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Nov 27, 2006
Northern Illinois
I previously had Dish 500 connected to a SW34 to 4 receivers (1-811 and 3-4900's). I took down my Dish 500 and replaced it with a Dish 1000. I replaced the SW64 with a DPP44 switch. I have 119 connected to dish port , 110 to port 2, and the dual LNBF to ports 3 & 4. I ran check switch on all my receivers and have 100-115% for 119, 95-105% for 110, but on the 811 receiver ports 3 & 4 just say CONN with no signal. I used a meter when installing the dish and hav a strong reading on all four runs, including the 129. Does anyone have any advise on what I should do to get the 129 to be recognized?

You only need one coax from the dual LNBF (61.5 or 129) to input port 3 of the DPP44. When you perform a check switch, it should recognize the 3rd input as a dual and input 4 as N/C. That is how it is on my setup with an 811. When you check the signal on the 3rd LNB, what strength do you get. You may try just one output from the Dual directly to the 811 (perform a check switch before with nothing connected) and verify you have a good signal.

Also, make sure the dual LNBF is a Dishpro unit.

Miner.. here is what I tried

I disconnected the Dual's coax from the DPP44 and I disconnected the 811 reciever from the switch as well. I ran check switch with nothing connected, the ran it with the coax from Dual LNBF. It still said CONN, and I tried to scroll through satellites and 129 was not listed. i then reconnected everthing nack to the way I had it and I get 98% off the dual, but it reads WRONG SATELLITE. Do I have to have SUPERDISH checked? I don't currently.

129 should be an option on the 811 when going through the available satellites; it is on both my 811s. What version of software do you have on the 811? It should be like 3.81 or 3.82 but 129 has been an available satellite for over a year and you should see it, I believe it goes 61.5, 110, 118.75, 119, 129, and 148. This is when you are on the main signal strength screen (Menu, 6,1,1) on the left side (I'm doing this from memory now).
When you connected the dual directly to the 811 and it said wrong satellite, did it mention which satellite? I was helping a friend aim his dish and we found the wrong sat, but it said BEV which is 22 degrees from where we wanted, but it gave good signal strength.
Per your original post, it say you installed a dish 1000. Is it possible you are off by 9 degrees and are looking at 101, 110 and 119? A good way to aim the 1000 is to place the dual in the center slot, connect it to the receiver and aim the dish to the 119 sat. Then move the dual to the 129 slot and the twin to the 110 and 119 slot.
You shouldn't have to check Super Dish or Alternate Config with Dish Pro equip. With the old legacy connection, I did have Super Dish checked, but looked on my new DP setup and it is not checked.
I hope this helps.

Thanks Miner for all the advice. I checked the signal again and this time it said wrong satellite and 110, so I am off. I am going to follow the steps you suggested in reaiming the dish with the dual in the main slot and point to 119, then after securing the correct position. I'll place the LNFBs in thier correct slots. After reading your suggestion, it makes such perfect sense, I should have thought of that in the first place. I am planning to re-aim the dish on Saturday. I have to wait because I leave for work and get home in the dark, so I have to wait. I'll keep you posted. THANKS AGAIN.
There is snow forecasted for tomorrow and Friday. I hope to be able to make my corrections on Saturday, because I have the dish on the roof it maybe a no-go. You guys have had a lot of bad weather lately. :( I'll keep you posted. THANKS AGAIN

It has been totally crazy here. Another inch or so of snow last night! But it looks like it is starting to warm up and the rains are coming back. It is above freezing this morning so hopefully by tomorrow I'll be able to see the ground on the driveway and the street. Nothing like riding around on the sanded ice.

Where abouts are you?
I am near Chicago. We got hit with the snow storm totaling 11" of snow. Not sure if I am going to be able to get on the roof tomorrow to re-aim the dish. I keep you posted....

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