Help with measurements of 40' dish

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Jan 5, 2018
Please Guys i will like to ask help on parabola dish Measurement i want a 40 feet dish Guys can you help me with the measurement ? i want to know the Depth of 40 feet dish

Diameter = 40 feet
Depth =
Focal length =
A parabola of 40 feet diameter can come in any depth or focal distance.
So you have to specify depth, and then the focal distance can be determined (calculated); or vice versa.

So what do you want to know, specifically?

BTW. I don't see what this has to do with this topic-title. So I suggest the mods change this to a separate new topic?

:welcome to the forum Simba1

I think we need to decide what LNB and feed you will use. There would be a nominal F/D ratio for that. With the F/D ratio in mind we can calculate the depth of the dish you will need.
Do you have the antenna? Could you post a picture? Like raoul5788 says that quite big or did you mean 40 inches?
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