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Feb 6, 2010
:rant:Hello everyone, I'm new to this site so please bare with me. I recently became a dish network customer, and I currently have 2 dual receivers connected to 4 tv's. I purchased a receiver from a friend of mine who switch to cable. I want to know if theres anyway I could connect this receiver to the dishes that are already being used. I tried using 2 direct tv dishes that were already on my house, but after re-alligning the dishes to 119 and 110 sats, the receiver wouldn't recognize them, so I connected a DP21 switch to combine the signal and I got an error message stating there were switch problems! Can anyone help me or do I have to pay a tech to come out? Thank You :angel:

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Nov 17, 2003
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What kind of LNB's are on the Directv Dishes?

In most cases if its a single LNB or a 3 LNB (the old Phase III not the new HD model) those LNB's are considered legacy and the DP21 switch would not work. You would need a SW21 switch (looks like the DP21 but works with Legacy equipment)


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Mar 13, 2005
Maybe consider using just one dish, a 1000.2, for everything. The LNB on it can feed up to three dual tuners, so it will easily feed 2 dual tuners and a single tuner or a 3rd dual tuner. The 1000.2 can cover up to three orbital locations. It's easy to peak on the 119, and when it is you've got the 110 tuned also. No external switch needed.
Contact a local retailer and see if you qualify for an antenna upgrade, or purchase and install it yourself.

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