Help! Working fine one night, no signal in the morning

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Jul 19, 2004
Hi all,

Can anyone offer any help?

Thursday of last week, everything was working fine and had been for months.

Woke up Friday morning and suddenly there was no signal available.

Nothing changed that I know of. But now, when trying to reset my receiver, there is no signal from the satellite.

Nothing changed. There was no storm or high winds. I've been up on the roof and there is no play in the satellite, so I don't think it moved.

I have the dual receiver DVR, (Phillips) and neither receiver works, so I think it's pretty unlikely that anything would have happened to BOTH cables.

My receiver will still play shows that it has recorded.

Is it possible for the little thing pointing at the satellite dish to go out?? I did have to buy a new one of those when I got the DVR a few months back.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Directv has not been much help so far.

If both your boxes aren't receiving signals, it's likely that something coming out from the dish isn't working properly. It could be loose cables or it could be defective LNBs (that happens).

If you can't diagnose and fix the problem, the best thing would be to call DirecTV and have them send a technician.

Please reply by conversation.

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