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New Member
Jul 12, 2008
Hi, I am totaly new with this and may be in over my head. So if any one can help, please .
here goes.my equeptment that I bought from go satellite.

viewsat 9000hd
Digipower motor H-H SG-2100
Invacom Quad polor Legacy 4 o/p LNB
DS2076- 76cm dish

the viewsat 9000 came with a SW-41 DISEqC switch

my questions??
I mounted the dish on the roof , witch plug on the LNB do I use,
Do I need to use the 4 in 1 diseqe switch
lets start with these .....
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May 18, 2004
Lizella, Georgia Republic
This should be posted in the FTA section, you will get more help?

That being said, a moderator will probably move it there soon... so you need to find the FTA section, so you don't lose your thread....

To set the LNB up, I wound use one of the L ports, without the Diseqc switch, till you get the dish and motor programmed in.
From the L port on the LNB connect it to the Motor output to dish/lnb, from the motor input/receiver connect it to the receivers IF input.
Hope this helps...! Good Luck!!!


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Jul 12, 2008

Thank, I'll give it another try this weekend and see how far I get, I'll keep you updated on my progress.

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Apr 6, 2008
kootz, I am a junior member here, but let me tell you you're in the right place. Ask away! The help I got here is to the point where I got into KU a few months ago and now moving along to C-band with the help from the great people here.
I'm looking for and in contact with someone wanting to get rid of a BUD and there is no other place I will take advise from.
For lack of other words and "shooting straight from the hip". Here you get training to be "self-sustained" where you will not need to rely on anyone to maintain your set-up. Your not over your head but learning something new. Take it slow and learn how this works. You only get one shot at this. Once you learn it, things start rolling. Heck,, I have 4 dishes on my house and I got the NO to a BUD! You think I can hide it somewhere in the yard?? LOL.
The advise and direction here should get you going if all is well at your end.
If I may,, Welcome and have FUN !! Tracker.


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Aug 10, 2005
Pickerington, OH
I would have to agree with tracker1998. I started out with very limited knowledge if any at all a few years ago. This stuff is like reading a good mystery novel. Alot of it won't make sense at first, but the more you keep reading the more everything comes together. I went from knowing nothing about setting a dish up to setting my friends new ku dish up and had him running in almost no time a few weeks ago.

To try to answer your questions, the invacom lnb has 4 outputs on it, 2 will be labeled C and 2 will be labeled L (C is for circular polarization which Dish Network and Directv use) (L is for linear polarization which is what KU band uses). If you hook your viewsat into the C port of your lnb you wont recieve anything, you would have to hook it into one of the L ports of the lnb. You shouldn't need a disecq switch if you are only running one cable from your lnb to your reciever. I also have a invacom quad lnb, and I have 2 cables running from my lnb to my disecq switch. One from C and one from L, then i have one cable running from my disecq switch into my house. I usually keep it plugged into my pansat fta reciever, but occasionally I will plug it into my directv reciever that I subscribe too. (which isn't highly recommended for daily use). Hope that helps.
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