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Does anybody know which HD channels are going to be on which dish? Dish Network have just moved Discovery HD Theatre to 110 to join HDNET, ESPNHD there, but HBO, Showtime, CBS etc. are still on 61.5. Are the HD channels going to remain split are will they all appear on one satellite?
People keep on saying that all "new" hd channels will be on the 105 satellite. However, many people around the country, because of their location, won't be able to see programming from that satellite.
Well next year (summer/fall) a new satellite AMC-15 will replace the current temporary satellite (AMC-2). AMC-15 will have the power and footprint (about double the power of AMC-2) to serve the CONUS, AK and HI.

No the CBS HD Channels will never be on 110, they are however on the new 105 satellite which requires a SuperDISH to see it.

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