Hopper 3 H344 Update

eh one h3 has 344 build other h3 has 343, i not longer push updates anymore, even something is broke and hope it might fix things, usual makes things worse, litterly none issue i have
to joey 4k are fix and all hardware is has been swap out everything from dish lnb,hub,switch, hopper 3, joey 4k even power cord and power inserter. so it software specific and maybe specific to setup. so i just give up there in regard to those issue, my mom is just gone have to deal with it.

Dish rep on phone said to "replace" joey 4k again i told him unless they want replace it with joey 4 and not charge anything along with "required" hopper plus i not replacing anything. they were not authorized to do that.

Also far as i can tell loyalty department still dont have direct number, you have to ask for it hope they actual are transfer you to them.
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Josh had mentioned that Dish was testing two different software versions. I have the 350 series and received H352 last night.

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Correct..the x44 label is (or should be) one of the last with the old video player while we migrate the population to the new video player (the x5x range). There is a possibility for ONE more label that would be on the old video player that could be squished between the new video player labels that might be necessary to support some back end changes - if that happens i'll do my best to clarify so everyone knows what's what.
I remain unsure exactly what you mean by "video player".
This of the receivers as mini computers, on your computer if you want to watch a video you downloaded you would watch it using Windows Media Player. But as a lot of people know Windows Media Player is not a good player it uses a lot of resources and has trouble playing some videos and is known to give computers issues from time to time.... now if you were on a computer you would know there are much better video players out there, which has more features, use less resources and can play more file types without issue, something like a video player like VLC.

Well Basically DISH is upgrading the video player to one that works better, uses less resources and ultimately can support more file types. All of this will help to lead to more stable boxes. This is basiclly what DISH is doing by switching video players.

And BTW with the new player it may be able to support other formats it can't play now... a little birdie has told me to be on the loop out on the DISH ANdroid TV boxes for apps like Amazon Prime to finally support things like Dolby Atmos. Dish's boxes will finally be able to play those things and now really it will be up to the makers of the apps (Like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney plus etc...) to turn on the bits in their software so that the DISH boxes are certified by them to pass along the Dolby Atmos streams.

Now only if they would support Dolby Vision.... and I have heard rumors they are trying to work a deal for properly licensing to enable that as well.

IF that happens DISH may have one of the best Android TV boxes on the market... with live DISH TV, and all your favorite Android TV apps all in one box without ever needing to switch inputs.
The only thing one can assume is that the Video player is the part of software that plays all your video. Just like on a pc you have wo diws media player or vlc. The video player is responsible for converting the digital source to an actual image for your tv.
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I seem to have a problem with both H343 and H344 with External HDDs. Basically, the Hopper H3 detects all 3 HDD's which are identical Western Digital 2.5" 2TB Portable plugged into a Powered USB 3.0 hub that is connected to the USB 3.0 port on the Hopper H3. What happens is every once in awhile with H343 and once yesterday on H344 since I only got H344 on July 9, 2023 which was 4 days ago. If I transfer recordings, it will transfer some titles completely and then the bar will basically be stuck at 0% and not move, unplugging the hub and then connecting it again from the Hopper H3 will not detect any of the drives as the lights on the External HDDs are also supposed to flash as soon as I plug the hub back in which it does not until I reset the Hopper H3 so it seems like it lost the connection to the external HDDs. The Hopper H3 should really have a way to show the dmesg output or something in the same section as the three pushes of the home button on the newer remotes.
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