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Henry Sanchez

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Jan 25, 2015
California, USA
I got a question for you guys:

I have a friend who got an H3 from eBay 2 months ago, he kept the receiver in the garage because his living room was under remodeling.
Now everything is done with that, and he called to CS to add the receiver to his account, but guess what? The H3 was on a Leased account, and he couldn’t activate the receiver for that reason.
Is there anything that he can do to get the receiver out of the lease? Perhaps paying the owed balance or contact CS to see if they can “sell” it to him?

Does any of you has been in something similar?

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Apr 20, 2014
Mesa, Az
There is some confusing language. Is the receiver leased, or was just on an account with leased equipment. Plenty of people have mixed accounts, of leased and purchased equipment and I think we are all making the assumption that the H3 is leased when it says leased account.
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Dec 28, 2013
Where our wheels go
I suggest the first move should just be to contact the seller to see if he/she can sort it out with Dish. It could be an owned receiver that was deactivated but not removed from the account. That happened to me with the first used Dish receiver I sold. I had deactivated it, but didn't know that it also needed to be removed from my account before it could be activated by someone else. Fortunately, the buyer was an understanding friend and I soon had it sorted out with a call to Dish CS.
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