Hopper 3 U334, Joey Problems

I noticed something last week or earlier in the week and that was my Joey said it had s/w U271 but on the Hopper 3, where it lists the "available" client software, it only showed U270. So how did the Joey get newer s/w ? I wonder if this is related to the client problem some have ran into, a mismatch of Joey s/w ?
Merry Christmas to you as well. You saved me from having to get up at 8am tomorrow and have my entire home torn apart!

And to think that after 2 calls to level1, I demanded a level 2 tech in the States and even he ran me though the same script but he did know more about what the screens meant' He specifically said that there were 'No' (not a single) trouble ticket in that anyone else's Joey in the US stopped working. Like I was the 1st to call in!

He said they rolled out U334 (which is/was the current) and it's been spooled for 7 days now. So he said that since 334 went out, he checked and no one called to complain about Joey's not working. So he insisted on a hardware service call and that I should add the protection plan (which I stupidly did, even though I knew that it had to be a software problem). But after almost 2 hours on the phone, I was beaten down.

And, oh, BTW, U336 now recognizes all four (4) of my legacy EHD's..

DIRT, next time your on, please tell the programming staff not to mess with that chuck of code again? USB is USB, it's not an interface or controller board issue. The USB standard is a standard for a reason.

Thanks all, this forum is the best. I'm going to make a nice donation, tax deductible or not! LOL

Interesting they told you there was no complaints. After my upgrade to U334 on Tuesday things appeared to be ok. When I came home that night I had no connectivity from the 4k joey to the H3. Many reboots later and three hours of Dish support I had an appointment scheduled for the next day. Signed up for Dish support but this ultimately was waived butDish.

The next morning, I updated the H3 to U336 which did solve the external drive issue and appeared to fix the 4k joey connectivity issue. That evening istill had the tech swap out the 4k joey since it was acting weird the day before.

For me all appears to be fixed and my wife is very happy. I think Dish now knows our number and routes her directly to higher technical support levels. Since my H3 install my wife has been regularly complaining about this system. I have been a Dish customer for 15 year and it is the first time I have thought about switching tho direct.

I will continue to give Dish an opportunity to fix their software bugs but not forever.
I wont call in on Christmas Eve or Christmas but I am going to call in on Monday and have them reverse the adding of the protection plan on account of technical expert stupidity.

I don't know about everyone else but U336 and U270 on my system fixed both the Joey connection problems and fixed all the EHD connection problems. I just got finished transferring over 400gb of movies my wife recorded to one of the EHD. The Hopper usage went from 47% and is now 14%!

I have 4 EHD's all on a switchable powered USB 3 strip. So I can just switch on any 1 or 2 at a time and they will show up. No 3 EHD's yet as I can tell. So I plan on taking the one that has all the Christmas movies, move the TV shows off of it, and re-transfer them to one that I will call TV Specials.

Ahh, it's so nice when something finally works. Sorry if you are still having issues.

What I did, or suggest, is make sure you have U336 installed and do a Hopper reset. At the same time, reset (long push) or unplug/plugin the Joey's. Let them all power up at the same time. When I did that, as soon as the Hopper finished booting and went into TV mode within 3 minutes all 3 Joey's were connected and working fine. The trick is to make sure that nothing is playing or recording, hard resetting the Joey's while the Hopper is booting up will also cause the Hopper to upload the latest Joey firmware to them as soon as they establish a MOCA connection. At least that's what worked for me!

Ho, Ho, Ho, Now off to wrap the presents!
True to my word, I have just subscribed and contributed to this forum to become a pub member.

I wonder what other topics are out there and will be nice to see the ad's go away!

Go Scott!!!
How can I force the update to U336 on my Hopper? It is currently on U334. I went to "diagnostics" and chose update software. It then told me it would be 30 minutes. Instead it rebooted a few times and did a 9999 "Please Wait Refresh in Progress" and then was still on U334.

I shows U334 was installed on 12/20. I see available Joey software as W150 W203 U271 U468. My Joeys are on U468.

Also, on the "diagnostics" page it says "Press CHANNEL to scroll" at the bottom - how do you do that on the Hopper remote since there is not a channel button?
Once I reread the posts from above (duh) I turned off all of the TV's and then left the one connected to the Hopper going. I then hit the power button on the Hopper - putting it into standby. It took about 10 minutes for me to get an alert on the screen that the update was downloading, Then it went to a 303 screen warning me that my receiver's memory is now being programmed.

20 total minutes and I am back up and running with U336. Now to go test my Joeys.
For the first time in months the Joey that is furthest from the Hopper is connected with a "strong" link. Whatever they did with this software update has fixed the number one complaint that my wife has had about the system. Happy New Year to me.
Software can't change how strong a hardware signal is. Reminds of an update Apple made on iPhones a few years ago where people gained a "bar" on their signal icon and people thought Apple made their radio more powerful ! They simply changed the scale and how it displays.
My joey keeps saying no broadband .Joey in other room works fine. Everything looks fine on hopper. Joey works fine except netflix. My hopper did upgrade to u336
I would add that bridging is on on hopper. Joey wont let me set bridging on. Moca says connections failed on joey but hopper shows all is working.

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