Hopper with external sling problems


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Dec 7, 2013
New Mexico
I had Dishnet installed on Nov. 1 and attached the modem to my Belden N+ Router, I get internet everywhere the router is authorized. I ran a Cat6 cable from the router to the Hopper to have a better connection than to use the dish wireless adapter.

My problem is that the sling loses connectivity with the hopper on a regular basis. I had problems with a sling adapter and Dish replaced it with the current one. I have to unplug the sling and re-plug to get it to connect to the hopper and the red light to activate.

I try to access Dishanywhere and I can not establish a connection. My laptop is connected to the router with a wireless internal adapter that verifies the connection.

I don't know whether the problem is with the Hopper, the sling adapter or the Dishnet modem and connection. What advise does anyone have that might address this issue?

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