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Jul 16, 2004
I hope someone can help. I have a Hotdish 75 with the universal LNB and I live in Coconut Creek FL. which is just north of Ft. Lauderdale. I want to aim the dish to true South to be able to use my SG2100 motor. The problem I am having is not just how many degrees from magnetic South I have to be but that I am not getting a strong signal on any sat so far like I do when I aim my 18" dish to nimiq 1 and 2. The sat co. says "To get Nimiq1 or Nimiq2 you need to use a DSS style LNB like the one on your 18 inch dish or a DIrectv Dish. It would have to be the type that does not have a legacy switch built in like some of the newer dishnetwork LNBS." So in turn what good is a universal Lnb? Anyway what will the universal Lnb work for and how should I go about setting all this up. I use a channel Master signal meter to aid me but so far no luck with any signal on the 31" universal Lnb dish.

I too live in Broward County, Florida (Davie). I have just installed a Hotdish 75 with an SG2100 motor onto a Fortec Lifetime Receiver. Excuse me for saying so, but you do mean magnetic south, not north.
As for the Universal LNBF, I was advised by many on this website in the MPEG/FTA Forums, as well as on other DBS websites, do not use a Universal LNBF, but purchase a KuBand LNBF. You can also buy a bracket for the Hotdish 75 to add a second LNBF for a DBS LNBF (which I intend to do to use dish for Dishnetwork from another receiver).
Hope that provides some guidance, and I would suggest that you come on over to the MPEG-FTA forum on this website for more information than this newbie can provide.

greyskies in: (TODAY, NOT SO) Sunny South Florida
Thanks for your info. I have another question. Where does the degrees measure from on the Hot Dish 74 mounting bracket ? Center of the nut maybe ?
your signal meter will not work with a universal LNB thats why I tell people to get a standard Ku LNB at the same time they buy a universal, so they can point their own dish if they need (and save some money on an installer). You will have to buy a standard KU LNB or use the universal LNB and your receiver to aim your dish, you will need to be able to see your TV.

Greyskies, I would contact your retailer to see if they can be of further help, but I would take your dish off the motor, set it to your real elevation, connect the LNB to the receiver without the motor, once you find your true south satellite you can return to the motor set up, its not a short cut but if you do it this way taking one step at a time it may work out better, once your true south satellite is stored it will make the motor set up easier.
Center of the nuts! Yes! The Winegard is a lot easier to set the elevation on, but once its set its set!
Well I guess I will take the info I read in the FTA section and apply it, which is setting the sg2100 motor bracket elevation to 64 deg and the dish mounting bracket to 25.6 and add 3deg to the compass heading then use progfinder to gain a sig but I am not sure of the frequency and such to set the progfinder or what other info I need to add to this to achieve the sat sig.
You are lucky you have someone in the same county with all the same settings : ) Your true south satellite will be the same also just use one of the live transponders/channels on there to point your dish, you are not too far away!
So I don't want to sound too dumb but I guess I have to. Under the circumstances above what would be my true south sat ?
Whoops! yes Aim for 183 deg on a compass, I think your true south satellite would be AMC-5 Go for a live channel like Empire Sports...... according to lyngsat its at..

11807 Freq.
H Pol.
04162 S/R
Damn this is tuff stuff. Under progfinder do I use Ku band C band or circular when using the universal lnb and then I have LOF1 SW LOF2. sorry for all the questions

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