Birddog problem


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Oct 17, 2016
west coast florida
I am in west coast of Florida using bird dog trying to aim the nimiq birds at 91 and 82. I am using a 2.4 meter dish for 82 and am getting a great signal on all transpomders. I am trying to aim another dish at 91. My meter reports signal at 91 and good signal strength, but it is not the 91 bird it is the 82. I thought the birdogs were signal specific and would not show 82 as 91 but it does.. So I go and check the receiver, sure enough is 82, all transponders working fine......

But I cannot find 91, as 82 reports as 91 on my meter, and when I go a degree lower and a few degrees over to find 91.....I get no signal...soon as I get back over where 82 is, bang ....signal...but is still 82.

any ideas?

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