How can i remove channels from the autorecord for series (Sports)?

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Nov 7, 2011
I recently and reluctantly switched from the old series 2 Directv Tivo to a new HR-24 HD DVR. I am mostly happy with the switch and am enjoying many features that I was missing out on for years. I have run into a bit of an issue however. I have setup a keyword series to record my favorite football team (49ers), and it does not work very well. On game days it will record the junk channels that run 10 hours of the Directv logo and music, and sometimes there are cinema channels that run at the same time as the game and it will pick to record these instead of the actual game. On my Tivo I could exclude channels from autorecord lists, but I can find nothing like this on my new DVR.

Is there a better way to set a sports team to record without getting all the junk and missing games?
You could do a maual record for a particular channel, but of course you would have to know what channel. I guess you can use the search function to find out which one to record.
Yes i do a keyword search and have it auto-record "49ers" because they could be on any channel ABC, NBC, FOX, ESPN, NFL or any of the Sunday Ticket Channels 700-715.
Best thing I find is to go to the 700's and look out to the next week and find it that way, all the games are shown in the 700's for the week.
Remember to go to the Actual TIME to set your recordings.

Thats probably what the AutoRecord is NOT doing, it sees the listing of the 49ers, and starts recording when the block starts, instead of starting the Record at the actual gametime.

D* designates a block of time for thier games and thats why it starts early like that.

When you go to the actual time, you can also choose to pad the timer at the same time.
seriously you can't check the NFL ST channels and find the game to record? :rolleyes:

I mean heck I can go 4:30PM (45 minutes from now) in the guide and see the Vikes play on 709 next week
Please reply by conversation.

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